“Home”, I had a look around on the various online dictionaries but didn’t find a definition that even remotely captures my feelings.  The definitions available were too clinical, abridged, sterile, as you would expect.  We all have our own unique impression of home, borne from memories and feelings, it is timeless and immutable, an almost […]

‘Oondiri’, as named by the Aboriginal Mirning tribe meaning “waterless”, otherwise more commonly known as the ‘Nullarbor’, latin for “no trees”. Both are quite apt for describing the 1200km stretch between Ceduna and Norseman. Not entirely devoid of either, but scarce, yes. But in that scarcity, or perhaps emphasised by the simplicity, there is beauty. […]

I find myself in Adelaide, looking over the Gulf of St. Vincent from the apartment of a decade long removed friend from my Air Force days.  It was a windfall of metal structural integrity and luck that allowed me to continue on my journey.  Fearing the worst with my damaged rear hub, I was already […]

Bit of a hiccup, Rosie’s decided to break down again unfortunately. I was cruising along the Great Ocean Road, taking the sights of beautiful seaside Lorne and the dramatic coastal scenery, when she started emitting a grinding and knocking sound. I’d stopped several times, trying various adjustments and fixes, to no avail, at a loss […]

G’day from Terra Australis! Malaysia decided to see me off with a deluge of rain on the way to the airport, fortunately, copious enough to keep Rosie clean of road grit. Dealing with the shipper was a breeze, however clearing customs was hopelessly convoluted, requiring a lot of back-and-forthing between nondescript offices and officers. With […]

Crossed the Thai-Malaysian border without incident on the 3rd and made my way down the expressway to the capital. It’s been about 15 years since I last visited Kuala Lumpur, my birth place. I’m not sure whether it has modernised exponentially or my childhood memories are distorted by time, but it is beyond my recognition […]

With a heavy heart our group departed Ngapali beach, that gorgeous slice of paradise. The next few days was a push for the Myanmar-Thai border, but not without incident. My charging system and battery decided to die completely in an unknown town. No amount of push or jump starting would spark her into life for […]